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A glass of tap water? No problem! Use the restrooms? But of course! Leave the key for the neighbour? We are here anyway! These are the little things that are typical of Smit & Voogt and show what we stand for: hospitality, friendliness and lots of the typical Dutch and untranslatable ‘gezelligheid’. We love to make you a coffee, are always in for a chat, and make sure that lost tourist will find their way. A smile makes the cappuccino , fresh orange juice or apple pie taste just that little bit better.

Café Smit & Voogt is on the edge of the Plantagebuurt, opposite the Desmet Studios and on the lively Plantage Middenlaan. When the sun is shining, you can sit outdoors with views of the green Wertheim park or watch the world go by.

Start the day with yogurt, croissant or an omelet. Have lunch with sandwiches, salads and soups or check out the dinner menu, including our classic pork tenderloin satay, dish of the day, with always a vegetarian option. There is of course pub food, with typical Dutch snacks such as bitterballs and vlammetjes, which go perfectly together with one of our many beers or a glass of wine.

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